The Power of Positive Direction

The Power of Positive Direction

Susan Meredith’s talk focuses on the concept of positive direction and how it applies to various aspects of life, including personal development, environmental issues, and societal progress. 


Here are five key points from her talk:

1. Definition of Positive Direction: Meredith begins by defining what she means by “positive direction.” She describes it as a progression or movement towards something better or more fulfilling. This concept is not just limited to feelings or intentions but also includes physical and societal advancements. She emphasizes that the perception of what is positive can vary based on individual values and beliefs.


2. Application in Personal and Professional Life: She shares her personal journey, from working at IBM to starting her own business, to illustrate how the concept of positive direction has played a role in her life decisions. She explains that while pursuing a path that aligns with one’s values may not always be seen as ‘positive’ by others, it is crucial for personal fulfillment.


3. Environmental Focus and Societal Issues: Meredith discusses her involvement in energy and environmental issues, highlighting the importance of focusing on solutions rather than problems. She talks about the need for a balanced energy economy and the importance of aligning different viewpoints and efforts towards a common positive future.


4. Physical Models and Mindset: Throughout her talk, she uses physical models to explain how the principles of physics can be applied to understand and navigate life and societal issues. She stresses the importance of focusing on positive outcomes and aligning efforts towards a desired future, rather than being distracted by negative or irrelevant issues.


5. Practical Application and Personal Mantras: Finally, Meredith suggests practical ways to apply the concept of positive direction in daily life. She recommends focusing on what one wants, paying attention to feelings to guide decisions, and using personal mantras to stay aligned with positive goals. She emphasizes the power of defining and visualizing a positive future to make it more achievable.

Overall, Susan Meredith’s talk is about understanding and utilizing the concept of positive direction in various facets of life, from personal goals to larger societal and environmental issues, advocating for a focus on progression, alignment, and positive outcomes.

Category: Podcasts

Date: January 7, 2024

Place: Center for Spiritual Living