How to Increase Forces that Push/Pull You to Success

How to Increase Forces that Push/Pull You to Success

What are the forces that drive and restrain us in our quest for success? We address the laws of nature related to pushing and pulling forces as I interview life coach Donna Lipman about how she moves people to achieve their goals.

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About Donna Lipman

As a Master Integrative Coach and a Presentation Skills Trainer, Donna has worked in the coaching industry for 21 years. Finding her true purpose and voice through training first-hand with best-selling author, Debbie Ford, Donna is passionately committed to helping others find personal freedom in their lives. She published her book, Beyond Resistance: Coping with the Stress of the Trump Era, soon after the election where she shares how to move from feelings of shock, despair and resistance to action with integrity. Donna was the keynote speaker for the Texas Women’s Democratic Convention in February, 2020, speaking on personal integrity and political engagement.

Donna has supported people in developing the confidence and courage to eloquently express their own voice and making affirmative changes, both in their personal lives, work environments and now, in the political arena.

 “Donna is a superstar and has earned her right to be one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.”

—Debbie Ford

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Category: Podcasts

Date: January 22, 2021

Topic:Forces That Push/Pull You to Success: The Value of Life Coaching

Guest: Donna Lipman, Life Coach

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