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Susan Meredith’s speeches and interactive workshops will open your eyes to an empowering new view of the world – a view grounded in science yet developed and applied to help businesses and individuals soar to excellence.

Susan will entertain you with tales of a nine-year-old’s business quest for a new bicycle, share her powerful insights from thirty years studying the laws of nature and human nature, or outline the steps that have generated millions in savings for her corporate 500 clients.

Buckminster Fuller, the noted inventor and futurist, believed that the problems on our planet are not due to scarcity; rather they are the result of ignorance – the ignorance of how the universe works. He also believed that there are principles that are true in our universe, whether it be in physical forms, or in metaphysical forms such as businesses, relationships, and health. The implication is that if we study these principles, we as a planet can not only survive, but thrive. This theme is woven throughout Susan’s programs.

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Keynote Speeches

Through engaging stories and fun, every-day explanations of the laws of physics, Susan reveals the fascinating connections between Mother Nature and human nature, and how these parallels reveal – in one “a ha!” moment after another – why we get what we get, and how to get what we want.

Half Day Workshops

Learn how working WITH, rather than against, the forces of nature creates more satisfaction, fulfillment, and success in your business and personal lives. Susan uses interactive discussions, demonstrations and activities to provide a deeper understanding of how to apply concepts to your own situations.

Consulting Services

Susan is a master at communicating complex subjects for both technical and non-technical audiences.  She tailors her consulting using her wide range of experience to communicate in the best way to meet the needs of the situations.


Why would laws of nature apply to everything except us?