How to Make Goals That Pull You Forward (with advice from Albert Einstein)

How to Make Goals That Pull You Forward (with advice from Albert Einstein)

Goals, resolutions and intentions can be a guiding light for us when used properly.  There are critical components to make them effective though.  In this session I talk with International Controller and CFO Brigitte Benquet about how to create and interact with goals to move you forward to completion. In this session we get advice from Mother Nature AND Albert Einstein.

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About Brigitte Benquet

Brigitte is an experienced International Fractional CFO based in Austin, TX.  A vital component of her work it is to establish financial goals with her clients and track them to completion.  For the first 20+ years of her career, Brigitte worked globally in Fortune 500 companies such as Medtronic and Applied Materials, holding several International Controller positions with full financial fiduciary responsibility over entities across several continents.  Since then and for the past 20 years, Brigitte has assisted and led startups and small & midsize businesses as fractional CFO or co-founder, bringing the financial focus & rock solid financial discipline that they need for sustainability and prosperous growth. Brigitte speaks English, French and Spanish and holds her MBA from a top French Business school (ESSEC).


Category: Podcasts

Date: January 15, 2021

Topic: Goals, Resolutions and Intentions

Guest: Brigitte Benquet, International Controller / CFO at

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