What Mom and Mother Nature Taught Me About Business

As a master of efficiency, Susan’s Mom taught her planning, budgeting, scheduling and logistics. She took seven very unskilled workers and trained them with delegation, direction and discipline. She even managed by objectives and metrics.

Susan’s other role model is Mother Nature. We use scientific terms in our daily conversations: “They’re a dynamic organization”, “He needs to get up to speed on this project”, “I’m feeling pressure, stress or resistance.” That’s because the laws of our physical universe apply to our thoughts, deeds and interactions in virtually all facets of life, including health, relationships, organizations, finance, and business.

This talk illuminates how to use these lessons from both role models for business success.


Gold Stars and Black Xs

How to get hoards of kids and herds of staff marching in formation

Star Chart2

Susan  credits her mom’s example of running their large household as the role model for her success in business. Budgeting, time management, project management, delegation and redirection were critical components to mom’s success. As Susan learned, they were also key to managing within a corporation and leading small businesses.

Susan reveals how her Mom’s Star Chart laid the groundwork for becoming an expert in business metrics and statistical process control. She shares how Mom’s management of seven kids under the age of 10 mirrors the challenges of running an organization.

In this speech Susan reveals

  • How to use four accepted families of metrics to manage
  • How process mapping streamlines recurring tasks
  • How delegation, scheduling and tracking simplify for leaders and followers
  • How Thomas the Tank Engine provides surprising distinctions on motivation

Eggs and Red Wagons

At 9 years old, Susan wanted a new Stingray bicycle. After searching the classifieds, she began an egg route – finding customers door-to-door, and delivering 50 dozen eggs each week in her little red wagon.Eggs and Red Wagons

The principles which drove her successful egg business also drove her successful companies, Go Green Squads and Human Excel. Through the lens of her engineering degree, Susan saw the patterns that formed her success as what she now calls the Physics of Business.

Susan explores key concepts for projects and businesses in this fun and “force”-ful talk

  • Two types of forces get us into motion and keep us in motion
  • Opposing Forces create stress and conflicts and what to do about them
  • Three components determine how quickly we achieve our results
  • We have Action Choices in how we respond, use and direct our own force.

Human Energy is the Key to Business Succcess

Billions of dollars are spent annually trying to resolve two common complaints. “I don’t have enough tEnergy Managementime!” and “I’m really stressed!” Yet managing our time and managing our stress has not managed to solve the problem. Why? Because we’re addressing the symptoms rather than the causes. What we need is Human Energy Management.

Human Energy Management means managing energy so that it is channeled in the right direction, along the most efficient paths, and regulated at a rate that supplies the right amount of energy at the right time to meet the demand. Energy managed so that it isn’t dissipated in unproductive ways, so that it doesn’t burn up or burn out. Energy that energizes. Energy that produces results.  Human energy management to global energy management; the principles are the same. Susan explains the distinctions in this powerful program.

A Balanced Energy Economy is the Answer

Susan moves beyond the gloom, doom, and information overload of climate change and the energy crisis to explore the energy opportunity. Straightforward and clear, she offers a complete and comprehensive overview of energy – from minimizing unnecessary energy demand, to sources of supply, to transportation to global energy gr
ids. Susan shows how new and traditional energy forms need to come into balance. She highlights six key areas and three crucial support areas that are critical to the success of a global energy solution.Meredith.3D.243Kimage

Beyond Light Bulbs…

Based on her award winning book “Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management” Susan shows how a different approach to energy can provide these benefits:

  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Minimize climate change and air pollution
  • Stimulate the economy
  • Promote global relationships
  • Reduce world hunger

Reducing nonessential energy use and waste is not only good for the environment and your pocketbook; it’s good business. If individuals, governments, and corporations can align to take action now, we can have a bright energy future…and economy.