Something Democrats and Republicans CAN Agree On

Something Democrats and Republicans CAN Agree On

In the polarized political climate of today, it’s vital to find areas of agreement; areas we can align on. The physical climate is a good place to look.

There may be complete disagreement on whether climate change exists and whether it’s manmade.

There may be strongly opposing views on the best sources of energy – fossil fuel vs alternative energy sources.

But we CAN agree on the wisdom of reducing energy demand – on reducing unnecessary energy use.  We CAN agree on the desire to have the best air quality possible, and to be efficient with our use of the earth’s resources.

It’s time to put our human energy to good purpose, towards positive action, to work together on something bigger than ourselves – the healthiest climate possible.

Here’s How

Instead of the gloom and doom approach, we can work together to achieve goals and celebrate results. We can shift the path of climate change in a fun and impactful way by

  1. Setting specific measureable meaningful goals
  2. Within a specific timeframe
  3. Celebrating the results
  4. Repeating the process over and over

Let’s look at a four year window to change the trajectory of climate change.  We can adopt a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 8GB by 2020. That’s important, but meaningless to most of us.  We need to break it into smaller, understandable chunks.  That’s where EcoCampaigns come in.


Many people say they’d like to do something about energy efficiency and sustainability, but there’s so much to learn, no time, etc. With EcoCampaigns, we define specific topic areas with related actions and goals, education, and results tracking.  Examples of topics are lighting, recycling, water, and temperature regulation.

Often people know what to do; they just don’t get around to doing it.  By having campaigns for a set period of time, it helps people get over the inertia and get into action.

It also sometimes feels like the actions you take don’t make a difference.  By setting goals and reporting results, you realize you’re part of something much bigger and your contribution matters.

Each month we’ll celebrate the results, and build on it, moving up the engagement curve of sustainability and energy efficiency till we reach our ultimate goals.

December Campaign:  Light It Right

How to be Counted

  • Buy LED and CFL light bulbs
  • Take the survey to report your Light It Right actions
  • Educate yourself
  • Tell a Friend to Get Involved
  • Attend the Light It Right Kickoff in Austin to show your commitment… and get free solar holiday lights!
  • Sign up for notifications of future events and educational content

Kickoff In Austin Texas

RSVP here

contrast-led-2-002Sunday, December 4th at 1 pm retrofit-2-002
Norris Conference Center, 2525 W Anderson Ln

At the event you will get:

  • Education and Answers by lighting experts
  • Demos of lighting differences
  • Discounts on light bulbs and retrofits
  • Lighting consultations scheduled
Free string of 100 outdoor solar holiday lights  to the first 100 attendees.

Not in Austin?

Host your own event with lighting experts in your area. Sign up to get notifications, education, product discounts, habit helpers.  Report actions  so your contribution is counted. You can do this from anywhere in the world.  We’ll celebrate results in January.

There’s always something you can do.

For more information, contact Susan Meredith at