Are You an Alarmist, Denier, or in the Mega Middle?

Are You an Alarmist, Denier, or in the Mega Middle?

Polarization has gripped environmental issues and many others.  The prevailing belief is that the polarized extremes on these topics are Democrats vs Republicans.  That would only be true if you accept that the issue is a political issue.  In the case of climate it definitely isn’t a political issue, so let’s call the categories what they are:  Alarmist, Denier, or the Mega Majority Middle.

You can tell your category by your thoughts and words. Looking at the specific example of climate, it sounds like this:

  • Climate Alarmist:  We’re doomed!  There’s no hope! The human race will cease to exist!
  • Climate Denier:  What climate change? No I don’t want to see the data and the facts. You’re just stirring up trouble!
  • Mega Middle:  I see the facts, I recognize we need to do something, If we work together we’ll solve this. Let’s get going.

How you get going is also defined by the category.

  • For Climate Deniers it’s a matter of acknowledging the facts and recognizing that it makes sense to reduce, mitigate or counteract emissions. That includes realizing that many business opportunities arise from this shift, which can help, not hurt the economy.
  • For Climate Alarmists the shift is from focusing on the problem to focusing on solutions. Yes, this is where we’re at; now what can we do about it and how fast can we do it?
  • For the Mega Middle it’s a matter of mobilizing towards solutions.

I recently completed a contract to study the Motivators and Inhibitors for Sustainable Behaviors.  I noticed there was a shift when people identified as someone who cared about Sustainability – the Inhibitors were less inhibiting and the Motivators were more motivating. How you perceive yourself makes a difference in how you are impacted.

The challenge now is that climate change is so polarizing that we’re reluctant to talk about it without knowing someone’s position first. I’ve looked for ways to identify those of us in the Mega Middle. I think I’ve found it.

It’s for both sides of the political aisle who are neither Deniers or Alarmists. For Republicans who care about the environment and for Democrats who are more pro-planet than anti-Trump. For those who may be uninformed but are willing to become informed. In other words, the mega MMEGA Middle.

Make MOTHER EARTH Great Again.  Let’s MMEGA!

Slogans and symbols work so of course MMEGA hats are a way to identify ourselves to each other. The purpose of the hats is to fund a project to gamify sustainability.  Because now we need a MMEGA Movement to mobilize the Mega Middle.

Let me know if you’re one of the MMEGA middle so I can find out if my hunch is correct – that there are zillions of us.  Let’s MMEGA!

Go to or email  Let’s bring people together for the planet regardless of politics.