Energy. Power. Work. Momentum. We use these terms about our day-to-day experiences. Engineers use them to describe the physical world. Do these terms have completely different meanings? Perhaps the forces that make objects move, water flow, and the earth rotate are also operating in our thoughts, actions and relationships. After all, why would the laws of nature apply to everything in the universe – except us?

Learn how working WITH, rather than against, the forces of nature creates more satisfaction, fulfillment, and success in your business and personal lives. Susan uses interactive discussions, demonstrations and activities to provide a deeper understanding of how to apply concepts to your own situations.

Creating Change: Dynamic People, Dynamic Organizations

How do forces add up to create results? How can you change a static and stuck situation to a dynamic and moving one? How are we motivated, and how can we motivate others? Susan illuminates how scientific principles such as inertia, momentum, magnetism and velocity impact entrepreneurship and project management in the areas of goal-setting, marketing and motivation.

Measuring Change: The Power of Metrics

How do we measure change in our lives and work? How can we use measurement to drive the behavior we want? How can we avoid the pitfalls of measurement mania? Susan takes what is usually a dry subject and turns it into a fascinating exploration of the fundamental tools of metrics – including a fifth family of measurement – and how metrics define and give meaning to our world.

Dealing with Change: Stretching Without Breaking

Why can some people handle stress better than others? Why does stress sometimes crush us, and sometimes make us grow? What are the “shoulda woulda coulda” stresses, and why are they so damaging? With humor and original insight, Susan unravels the paradoxes of stress and strain and reveals how to apply Mother Nature’s Laws to transform ourselves into the person we want to be.

Organizational Energy:  Lean / Six Sigma Programs

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