SAVE Center: Smart City Sustainability Hub

SAVE Center: Smart City Sustainability Hub

The SAVE (Simulation, Analysis, Visualization and Education) Center provides a physical environment and the necessary tools to aggregate the insight of all stakeholders, from the wisdom of elders to the fresh insights of young students. Its structure enables the deepest intellectual research discussions as well as implementation campaigns that mobilize the potential of each citizen to be part of sustainability solutions.

The SAVE Center will establish sustainability targets in Transportation, Energy, Water, Other Public Services such as Waste Management, Housing/Buildings, Health, Education, Connectivity and Government, and use an accepted process improvement and development structure as the framework to drive measurable results toward those targets. We will use this framework for research development, to aid rapid prototyping of commercialization for products and services supporting sustainability, and for community engagement and celebration in implementing sustainability solutions.

The SAVE Center is a high tech immersive visualization and decision hub and a repository for the necessary data for research, modeling, planning, and design to develop solutions to complex, interconnected geophysical, economic and social/cultural challenges. It provides a resource for business, governments, educational institutions, NGOs and individual citizens to collaborate efficiently.  High performance computing with GIS mapping, surround visualization, data dashboards, simulation software and other technologies provide a multi-dimensional view and enhanced capability for research.

But a high-tech space and data will not solve problems alone. The SAVE Center creates a new model for collaboration in a community seeking to address its sustainability. There is an urgency to address critical planetary problems and people who are looking for what they can do, particularly about sustainability. By defining clear targets and joining the forces of the community together we can change the trajectory of trends. By looking at issues in a holistic way we can avoid implementing solutions in one area that cause problems in another.

Revenues will be realized through the following sources:

  • Research Events (described below) – Convergence Research, Critical Questions Research
  • Consulting Services – Data Analysis, Smart City, Sustainability, Commercialization
  • Education – Sustainability, Business Process Development and Improvement, STEM/Life Skills Convergence, Data Analysis/Statistics, including remote delivery using the SAVE Center data resources
  • Rental of the high-tech Center – Customer defined with facilitation, and multi-media events
  • Product Sponsorships for EcoCampaigns

While this is for a SAVE Center established in Austin Texas, once the systems and processes are created they will be replicated in other cities as a critical tool to bring resources together to drive realizable sustainability solutions worldwide.

With the dawn of big data and predictive analytics, and the recognition of the complexities of needing multi-domain solutions, we now have the collective data and the collective will for the SAVE Center.

Date: December 2016

Client: Proposal for AISD Repurposed Land

Place: 183 and Loyola Lane