Coronavirus is Good for Climate Change ??!!!

Coronavirus is Good for Climate Change ??!!!

Climate change MUST NOT get ignored in the face of coronavirus. Oddly enough, coronavirus may be good for climate change, with air pollution and CO2 falling rapidly as the virus spreads. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.

Saturday is Earth Hour March 28th at 8:30 pm. April 22nd is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. These are important times to contemplate the greatness of this planet and how to keep it that way.  The economic recovery must address how to maintain emissions improvements.

As a business owner and environmental expert, I’ve been searching for a theme to mobilize people for the environment and to address the polarized grip on our society. I believe this brand can address the coronavirus too.

Make MOTHER EARTH Great Again

We need a rallying cry, a symbol of solidarity, a brand of inclusive optimism.  MMEGA is a guiding light to a positive, inclusive future, appealing to people across the aisle and around the world.

Let’s MMEGA!

Tired of gloom and doom? Shift to a mega MMEGA mindset focused on health and success for ALL who care about the health of our planet, our humanity, our society.I’m passionately committed to using the MMEGA brand for the greatest good.  Help me make that happen!

During Earth Hour this Saturday (8:30 pm your local time) turn out all your lights, walk outside and wave to your neighbors – from a distance.

Get your MMEGA hat (or my award winning book) in time for Earth Day on 4/22

And please contact me with ideas and contacts to get momentum for the mega MMEGA Movement.

Susan Meredith   512-554-6218